The Sand Castle represents the playful but fragile nature of children. It captures the essence of their youth, and makes us realise that they grow up all too quickly.

Our mission is to create stunning photographs that capture those childhood memories and moments of togetherness, the joy and laughter, and the little things that make up everyday family life.

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Arek Rainczuk Melbourne Child Photographer

Arek Rainczuk is a Melbourne based photographer specialising in portrait photography, Meticulous about the finer details and the production of exquisite art, Arek’s signature style offers a clean, contemporary and natural look that draws on his philosophy of “Joie de vivre” (or the “joy of living”), which recaptures love and enthusiasm for the simple things in life, a quality that came effortlessly to us as children.
AIPP accredited professional photographer

Arek recently won awards in both Portrait and Family photography categories at the 2012 AIPP Victorian Professional Photographer of the Year Awards, which recognises the talent of our local photographers who strive to create stunning works of art to be enjoyed forever.

While Arek is gifted at capturing the mood and emotion of all the wonderful moments you share with your family, his creative intuition has also led his talents to create beautiful pictures of pets, special anniversaries and celebrations. For more information visit our kingdom of Five Castles Portraits .


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