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Teresa and Philippe

Thank you so much for all your wonderful pictures of your family. They have captured much more than our faces, much more than a lovely afternoon in the park. They have captured forever the laughs and our love for each other.
We now have amazing pictures on our walls and they put a smile on everyone’s face everytime we pass by.
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Jess & Rhys

Arek came out to our home to take photos when our son was just 3 weeks old. We thought we’d presented Arek with quite a challenge but he did such a wonderful job. We were so comfortable being in our own home and Arek got some gorgeous photos, some posed but also impromptu ones of the intimate moments in between. It was such a special bonding experience for our new family and so much fun. I would recommend Arek to others in a heartbeat.
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Ophelia & Michael

My family has done quite a few photoshoots with Arek and we always enjoy them! He let’s my children do their own thing that they don’t realise their pictures are being taken…it’s all so natural, and the end product is just amazing!! He is also a very patient photographer which is a much needed skill when working with children. I especially love the close up shots that he did of my children, it just amazes me how he manages to capture a particular facial expression amidst all the running and climbing. I love love love his work!
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Megan & Danny

When we arranged for Arek to come and photograph our newborn daughter my toddler was delighted. He remembered Arek well from a year ago when they had spent a whole afternoon having adventures in the backyard. My son had barely noticed he was being photographed and thought they were just playing the result was a series of fantastic natural pictures that captured so many of my son’s moods. I thought a newborn child would be quite a challenge especially at 7 weeks old – she was just beginning to smile occasionally. Arek managed to obtain some delightful shots which ranged from delicate pensive moments to bubbling smiles. Our family photographs were also terrific and playful ( – you cant tell how sleep deprived we are.) We have used some pictures for greeting cards and paper quality and finish is great.[/right-col] [/block] [block] [left-col] Photograph of a brother and sister | by Melbourne Child photographers Sand Castle Portraits
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Sam & Rajini

Hi Arek, We just received the two pictures we ordered and they look better than we expected – looks fantastic on the wall. Thanks again for the great work you did with the photo shoot, we were amazed at how comfortable our kids were with you and it shows in the photos. Also, we weren’t too sure if having the photo shoot at home is the best way to go, but we think it also worked well as the kids were more relaxed in their own familliar environment. Thanks again!
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Donna & Fraser

Arek spent an entire day with us and was cheerful and very accommodating throughout as we travelled to different locations. We couldn’t have been happier with the photographs. He was excellent with our child and family friend, which showed in the natural poses and expressions and in the way that he captured the fun they were both having. We were able to create an entire photo book as a present that thrilled our families. We would recommend Arek to anyone looking for a photographer to capture those special moments with family and friends.
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